10 New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Bands That Are Better Than Ever

7. Blitzkrieg

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJQynPavwUU Classic Album You Should Own: A Time Of Changes (1985). Arriving late to the party, A Time Of Changes may have been released at the wrong time but the talent on display showcases a band who were capable of joining the big leagues had their timing been better. Recommended Modern Album: Back From Hell (2013). Back with a bang, Back From A Hell is a riff-fest which rivals the modern Thrash bands for commitment and complexity. Released in 1985 but delayed since 1981, Blitzkrieg's debut, A Time Of Changes, came as a result of Vocalist Brian Ross deciding to reform Blitzkrieg and record the album they wanted to make before their split 4 years prior. Jump to 2013 and Blitzkrieg finally return with an album that marks a return to the classic Blitzkrieg sound and an album that any self-respecting Metal-Head should get a kick out of. On the opening track, "Jacks Back/Back From Hell", a slightly questionable spoken-word intro is saved by a song which gloriously recalls classic Thrash AND classic NWOBHM in 5 and a half minutes of precision Metal; scalpel-sharp and one hell of an album opener. The quality rarely dips from then on in. "Call For The Priest" is classic NWOBHM which seats you in a DeLorean and transports you back to 1984 at 88mph, while "Sleepy Hollow" wouldn't be out of place on a modern Megadeth or Machine Head album (that's only a compliment if you like Megadeth or Machine Head of course). Blitzkrieg even throw in a cheeky little cover of Metallica's Seek & Destroy (S&D); a sly nod to Metallica covering their own track "Blitzkrieg" on the Garage Inc. album. If their next album matches the dynamics and songwriting nous of Back From Hell, Blitzkrieg could be looking at the career they should have had in the 80's.
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