10 New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Bands That Are Better Than Ever

5. Satan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9IlF-Vcw7s Classic Album You Should Own: Court In The Act (1983). A noticeably thin production can€™t disguise the influential proto-thrash, conjured by these Geordie mavericks on their debut album. Recommended Modern Album: Life Sentence (2013). As good a traditional metal album as you could ask for, it's as though the 30 years since the release of their Court in the Act debut never happened. Satan's early days were tumultuous to say the least, frequent line-up changes and incredibly even name-changes (from Satan to Blind Fury, back to Satan and then as Pariah) considerably stalling their progress in the process. Throughout all this upheaval, it remained apparent that the band members were gifted musicians capable of turning in exemplary albums, original and overflowing with more riffs than most bands muster in a lifetime. Surely, a comeback would herald fascinating results? Fans needn't have worried, their reunion resulted in a record which out-riffs and out-shreds most modern metal bands. Collectively, the band can boast stints with NWOBHM alumni Blitzkrieg, Atomkraft, Avenger and Battleaxe and Steve Ramsey (Guitar) and Graeme English (Bass) were part of respected Folk-Thrashers Skyclad; this is a band with undoubtable pedigree. Refreshingly free from gimmicks and studio trickery, Life Sentence erupts like a fire and brimstone version of modernised NWOBHM, a maelstrom of ideas which pays tribute to no one but themselves; riffs abound and vocals soar and Satan's return has been welcomed with open arms and evil grins. In 2014 the band increased their global reach by touring in North & South America and a tour of Japan awaits, it seems Satan's influence is spreading wider than ever!
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