10 Noughties Pop Songs You'd Forgotten You Loved

10. Busted - "Year 3000"


It was 2002, the world was just adjusting to the idea of a date that began with a with a two, the economy was booming and there was a new 'New Kids on the Block' on the block. Busted exploded onto the charts in 2002 with their debut 'What I Go To School For', and quickly followed it up with the now ubiquitous 'Year 3000'. The punky, teenage, highlighted trio embodied the mindless optimism that filled the first half of the decade and captured imaginations everywhere with their single; they were the sound the 21st century needed.

Featuring references to the 'Back to the Future' trilogy - a vice of guitarist James Bourne - the lyrics satisfied both forward-thinking young'uns and 80s kids appreciative of the reference. Combined with a cheeky electro-intro and rocky chorus, this was a tune that ticked everyone's box.

It was a shame that Busted couldn't last another three years, let alone 3000, but we hope that the predictions they made will be remembered until they are realised (triple-breasted women and all).


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