10 Perfect Heavy Metal Songs To Listen To When You're Angry

Had one of those days? Step right in.

We've all been there right? When things aren't going so well or life just seems to be holding a grudge against you, that feeling of frustration or anger is inevitable. In music, the one genre that best encapsulates this mood best is heavy metal. Forged in the depths of Hell itself (or Birmingham, for Black Sabbath anyway) heavy metal has displayed what happens when you have very angry bands playing very angry music about... very angry things. What started in the early 70's as a dark force in the industry, heavy metal has since evolved throughout the years, with more and more bands all vying to be the heaviest around. Throughout the 80's we saw glam metal, an offspring of its scarier brother which found the genre in a somewhat confusing state of limbo. The 90's brought about the return to it's darker roots however, which took on a more angst-ridden form, creating the most commercially successful period for the genre. This shift in themes led to the genre becoming something of a cathartic experience for many metal bands in exorcising their demons. Thus the genre became more confessional and inevitably painful, with these darker themes being used in a more personal manner. Such an honest portrayal has paved the way for some of the most brutal and direct music to emerge from the scene so far. Both musically and lyrically, the following list features ten of the most vicious and hate-driven songs that will get your blood boiling.
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