10 Phenomenal Bands Derailed By Runaway Egos

The heartbreakers who broke each other's hearts...and lineups.

Egos can be a tough thing to work around. Particularly in a band setting, when a person's hard, creative work is constantly being evaluated by peers, the presence of an inflated ego can be highly combustible. Lots of bands have fallen victim to one or more members' runaway egos. Often, there are arguments over whose ideas are best, and some members may be pushed into a corner while a more charismatic figure takes center stage. When ego finally arrests any potential for group collaboration, we fans are often forced to endure tepid solo careers and extensive media hoopla. And unfortunately, egos tend to run hottest when things are going well: a huge album, a growing fanbase, and a cult of personality swell up and get into a musician's head. This is a list of ten bands with members who just couldn€™t work within the constraints of democratic collaboration. They bickered in the press, shot down other members€™ ideas, hogged all the glory for themselves or even developed messiah complexes. Whatever the extent of their ego, these bands just can't play nice anymore.
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The Beatles
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