10 Phenomenal Guitarists That Deserve Your Attention In 2013

7. Jon Gomm

John Gomm You may know Gomm from his seemingly-overnight success with single Passionflower. What made this song break the million-views mark, and continue to be a genuinely breathtaking spectacle to watch, is his incorporation of retuning the guitar throughout the piece. Tuning pegs are liberally toggled with alongside utilisation of the guitar body as a percussive element, bending notes harmonic and otherwise in and out of different pitches whilst he taps and scratches the guitar itself, instantly propelling Jon into the €˜Modern Greats€™ category. Although it was viral-media that allowed him to garner the much needed recognition he deserves, his previous full-length Don€™t Panic contains the beautifully affable lyrics of Gloria, and the raucous string-bending bounce of Surrender, providing much to get into before his next album Secrets That Nobody Keeps hits very soon.
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