10 Rock Bands With Awesome Shows You Must See

What's music without a bit of theatrics and everything being on fire?


There’s nothing quite like the experience of live music.

From the moment you order a ticket to see one of your favourite bands, the excitement kicks in. As the day draws closer, you book time off work, listen to as much of their music on repeat as you possibly can, and buy some of their merch to avoid paying £30 for a t-shirt at the gig.

Then the day comes; you head to a nearby pub, launch as many cheap drinks down your throat as you can stomach, and stroll merrily to the venue. You get through security, enter the room, likely buy a considerably more expensive drink, and wait patiently for the lights to go down.

At this point in your journey, expectations are to hear some great music and hope that the band perform to their fullest. However, some will take the show a step further, creating a visual spectacle to accompany the music.

From pyro to theatrics to costumes to lasers, some bands have a stage show that will stand out in memories just as much as their music will.

These ten rock bands put on shows like no other, which are just as visually pleasing as they are audibly.

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