10 Rock Singers Who Fronted Two Great Bands

Lightning can strike twice!

Thomas Frey/dpa/Corbis

For several weeks now, rumours have swirled that none other than Axl Rose, lead singer and founder of Guns N' Roses, will be joining AC/DC as the band's frontman in place of Brian Johnson. Johnson, sadly, was reportedly dismissed after informing the band that he was suffering from severe hearing loss. While it seemed out of left field at the time, these rumours gained strength when a photo of Rose leaving the same rehearsal space AC/DC were camped out at surfaced in late March.

Were it to be true, it would be a rather historic occasion: AC/DC and GN'R are, after all, two of the biggest bands in rock music history. And even if it's not true, it brings up a rather interesting question of what singers out there have managed to front not one, but two great bands during their careers?

There are lots of singers who gave it the old college try, of course. Few have been successful, and even fewer still have led two bands that could truly be considered truly great. But sometimes the magic happens , and certain rock legends manage to prove they have the necessary chops...

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