10 Sexiest Music Videos Ever Made

10. Lapdance - N.E.R.D.

With some songs, you know exactly what you're getting. The provocative title was hardly going to lead to Pharrell and co standing around in a studio, singing.

The best sexy videos and indeed the best music videos in general offer an aspirational element - pop and rock stars flourish because we all want to live vicariously through their experiences, and the music video offers a manufactured look behind the curtain at what they supposedly get up to while we shampoo the dog and pay the mortgage. And that's exactly why Lapdance works so well - it is a glimpse of thatlife, sex and champagne soaked and utterly irresistible.

For a song about lapdancing, there's an awful lot more suggestion in the video than there is actual raunchy footage (though of course there is some) - we're given glimpses of semi-clad flesh, and the briefest hints of girl on girl action as Pharrell smirks at the camera. Because he knows, he's seen everything.

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