10 Songs By The Answer You Need To Listen To

The Answer to all your rock n' roll questions is finally here!


Many people like to ask me, "Why do you listen to rock music, rock n' roll is dead" and to that, my answer is The Answer.

Hailing from Nothern Ireland, The Answer are the best modern day rock n' roll band bar none. In all honesty, they are that good, that they could easily be from the golden age of rock n' roll and no one would question it. It is a travesty that not more people know of them today, hopefully after listening to these 10 songs they will have a few more fans.

With a great mix of traditional rock n' roll, blues, blues rock, and hard rock coming together to create songs that capture your attention straight from the get-go, lyrics that make you sit back and think "this is speaking straight to me," and guitar riffs that sound like they come straight from the 80s, The Answer are a monster of a rock band, that every leather and denim clad rocker should be aware of.

The band's 6th studio album Solas is set to be released at the end of the month, with a tour to follow, so we take a look at some of the best, and most important songs of The Answer's career thus far.

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