We all have that one song that makes you get up out of your seat and get moving. Regardless of what genre of music you are into, there are some songs that cannot be resisted, songs that make your body move involuntarily. Whether you are in an arena that condones dancing around like a crazy person or if you are moving your feet and bobbing your head in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, music has an almighty power of making you move in any circumstance. The infamous line “just one more song” is a line we hear so often on the dance floor. This is usually spoken in the context of sore feet, tired eyes or the need to just take 5, but that one song comes on and you absolutely cannot resist dancing, so that’s it you have to stay on your feet for just one more. If a song makes you bob your head or tap your feet it can break any gender barrier, we all know a guy who cannot resist moving to Beyonce’s Single Ladies!

This is a list of ten songs that have the power to make me move no matter where I am, on the dance floor, at the office or in line at the bank, at least one part of my body will be dancing to the beat. If you agree or want to share what makes you move I would love to hear, so please add your comment below.

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This article was first posted on August 9, 2013