10 Songs That Made Iconic Movie Scenes

These amazing scenes just wouldn’t be the same without these great songs to go with them.


Films have always used music as an extra form of expression. From soppy love movies to fast-paced action flicks, the motion picture has often included fitting moods in the sound department.

But while some match what’s going on on-screen, others are purposely inserted to give the opposite effect. As filmmaking has become more experimental over the years, so too has the musical accompaniments. There are those songs and scenes that just go hand-in-hand – inseparable from one another due how well they complement each other.

This list will include those externally created songs (no movie scores) that managed to make an iconic movie scene even better. Some were created specifically for the movie while others weren’t but perfectly fit the narrative regardless.

Prepare for a sensory overload of both sight and sound with these 10 audio/visual delights.

10. New Order – Confusion – Pump Panel Reconstruction (Blade)


There’s no denying just how badass that opening scene to 1998’s Blade was, a scene that has been recreated in nightclubs worldwide since its iconic inception.

The infamous blood rave opening scene introduces us to everyone’s favorite vampire slayer in the most stylish way possible, but what further enhances this visceral scene is the adrenaline-pumping, club banger that blares in the background.

The song perfectly captures the grimy underbelly of the city, providing an acid rave free-for-all that fits the gory scene effortlessly. It also works as a tension building mechanism, releasing for the drop just as the blood rains down from the ceiling.

Featured on New Order’s Best of the Rest compilation album, the radical reinterpretation of their 1983 hit single ‘Confusion’ was already out three years before its inclusion in Blade. Pump Panel deserve kudos for successfully appropriating the track to a club setting – a feat that becomes even more evident when listening to both versions side-by-side.

Blade laughs in the face of the family orientated comic book movies of today – forever asserting his authority in this kick ass, gore fest opening scene. It just so happens that the song can take equal credit too for providing the toxic beats that set this modern classic off with a bang.

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