10 Stoner Rock Bands You Need To Hear In 2016

10. Dolomite Minor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-wr-C0VB2Q They may have only officially released four tracks to date, but Southampton's Dolomite Minor already exhibit great potential in the stoner/desert rock scene. They have already played major festivals such as Rock AM Ring, Glastonbury and Download and with good reason too. Their sky tearing sound blends hard rock with stoner rock to create something truly monstrous, a sound made up of monolithic guitar lines and furious, whiplash drumbeats. Their most substantial release to date is their 2015 EP Girl Of Gold featuring The Vines-esque corker 'When I'm Dead; the smoked-out, blues belter 'Let Me Go' and the blustery, rock & roll trainwreck 'Girl Of Gold'. The crowing jewel on the EP however is the mystical, sandstorm pulverizer 'Talk Like An Aztec', a song that echoes the genre's greats with its menacing guitar refrain and effects drenched vocals. If they continue on in the same vein, 2016's top rock contenders may be looking over their shoulders for this dangerous duo. Key Tracks: Talk Like An Aztec, When I'm Dead
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