10 Things Only Megadeth Fans Will Understand

All right...what did Dave say this time?

At this point, it seems like Megadeth are truly unstoppable (just don't ask a Metallica fan for their opinion). At the very least, Dave Mustaine is €“ what's he going to do, fire himself? With the recent announcement of Dystopia, the band's fifteenth record, Megadeth is poised to release another brutally loud, thrash-heavy masterpiece. What better way to celebrate the release of new music, then, than by exploring some of the problems fans have united to face over the years? What sort of problems might those be? How about the fact you'll never have hair as beautiful as Mustaine's? Okay, that might not be the kind of problem I'm talking about, but it's still plenty relevant. I mean, come on €“ have you seen the man's glorious locks?! All right, so maybe I have some issues. I'll shut up about Dave's hair and get on to something else. Stick your copy of Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? on and we'll get started. First on the cards: who's up for a good old fashioned argument?
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