10 Things You Didn't Know About Marina Diamandis

1. Her Musical Career Might Not Be Forever

In her Nylon interview, Diamandis speculates over what she'll do after this year's Neon Nature music tour. She said: €œTo do this kind of job, you have to have a certain level of self-interest, to work toward the common goal of you every day, and that€™s great when that€™s all you want. But I think I want other things now.€ While she's not planning to sack off music in it's entirety, Diamandis takes a great interest in philosophy, and the world, and in human nature (evident in many of her lyrics) and insinuates that she's looking towards greater goals in life. €œI don€™t know if I want this to be the focus of my life anymore. I badly need to be stimulated by other things now. I€™d way prefer going to schools and doing talks and engaging people in debates than touring for the rest of my life" Don't everyone start crying at once...she might change her mind!
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