10 Times Popular Musicians Tried Out Completely Unexpected Genres

10. Brian Wilson - Smart Girls

Brian Wilson’s “Smart Girls” was never properly released - it can only be found on bootlegged album Sweet Insanity, suggesting it was never really intended to see the light of day.

Well, that’s fair enough, as the 1991 song sees a side to the eccentric auteur we hope to never see again: a pastiche rapper spitting Marky Mark rhymes over an unlistenable cacophony of saxophones, squawking singers and savaged samples from The Beach Boys heyday.

With lyrics containing such revelations as “Intelligent chicks are dynamite”, and “I’m no different from the rest / I love hip and legs and breasts”, it probably won't make any future Greatest Hits collections. Nontheless, it is at least reassuring to know that, even in his fifties, a famously innovative musician found hip-hop exciting enough to give it a try.


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