11 Songs You Are Embarrassed To Admit You Love

Make sure nobody can see the smile creeping on your face, somebody will discover your terrible secret; you actually love these songs.

It can be easily argued that music is what makes the world go round. It€™s the one art form that everybody can identify with. Regardless of their tastes, people have a favorite song and it resonates with every fiber of their being. Record collectors treat their vinyl collection like trophies, equally proud of their choice in music as they are their ability to spot a bargain. Then there are those moments when a song hits the airwaves and you wonder to yourself how in the world has it become so popular. You scoff when people talk about how much they like it, rolling your eyes at the mere mention of its existence. You tell yourself and anyone that will listen that it€™s too sentimental or trite. There€™s no way a music aficionado like yourself could ever succumb to the lure of such pop garbage. Then said song comes on the radio and you find yourself sneaking glances at people nearby. You have to make absolutely sure that nobody can see the smile creeping on your face as it plays, knowing that one intuitive look and somebody will discover your dark and terrible secret; you actually love this song. Maybe it reminds you of your youth or maybe - most likely - it reminds you of the one that got away. Either way, you find yourself wanting to rush to your car or the comfort of your home so you can sing along to an audience of none. These are those songs that you are too embarrassed to admit you like.
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