12 Festive Songs That Probably Won’t Make The Airwaves This Christmas

Prepare to get your halls decked with a rare dose of festive attitude.

alice cooper santa claus is coming to town

When it comes to Christmas music, it’s fair to say that festive radio is crammed with more cheese than a stack of mozzarella sticks served on a bed of Mini Cheddars.

Overplayed to the extreme, the sheer repetitiveness of December’s snowy soundtrack can be increasingly nauseating as the weeks roll on and the very sound of sleigh bells come Christmas Day can be enough to induce convulsive vomiting from even the jolliest of folk...particularly if Christmas Eve involved a few yuletide beverages.

But fear not, Grinches of the world; Mariah Carey and Michael Buble aren’t the only ones to roast their chestnuts on the open fire. In fact, we’ve got a dirty dozen of acts ready, willing and unstable enough to kick the fire over and set the room ablaze with these blisteringly unique winter warmers.

So what better way to shut up Paul McCartney and show Cliff Richard and co a defiant middle finger this Christmas than to replace the mistletoe and wine with power chords and a few shots of Jack?

What are you waiting for? Roll up your novelty socks, rock around the Christmas tree and prepare to get your halls decked with a rare dose of festive attitude – courtesy of the most unlikely jingles to ever collide with a snowy skyline.

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