12 Great Things In Metal This Week (18th Dec)

In which Michael Fassbender proved that he is Hollywood's most metal actor.


With WhatCulture's wrestling content being as insanely popular as it is, allow me to make a little intertextual reference: this week has been Tour AnnouncementMania. (Did I do it right? Do WWE fans like me now?)

No lie, 6 of the 12 entries you'll get here are tour-orientated, and even then, I still had to leave one or two out of the mix to avoid being repetitive. Since I spoke about them last week, Dream Theater unveiling that they'll bring their Images and Words tour to the UK is not here, but it's getting a massive honourable mention.

Furthermore, there's Breaking Benjamin's US gigs with Wilson in January as well as Metal Blade Records' 35th anniversary tour, headlined by Whitechapel. What the hell is going on this week?

Regardless, outside of the live show circuit, metal has still been doing grand over the past seven days. Hollywood superstar Michael Fassbender went on national TV and rocked out, you've got some free goodies coming your way and we've got two juicy new music videos for your eye and ear holes.

Now come, my children, and follow me into the heavy metal rabbit hole...


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