12 Things That Prove Taylor Swift Is In The Illuminati

12. The Butterfly And The Birdcage

The You Belong With Me video is pretty irritating in a number of ways - the cutesy nerd glasses, the guy with the absolutely massive chin, the way that the Evil Taylor who tries to steal Chinny away is characterised primarily by wearing a slightly more revealing dress than Normal Lovely Nerd Taylor - but the thing that really ought to grind your gears is the Illuminati imagery hidden in plain sight throughout it. In her bedroom, Normal Lovely Nerd Taylor has a canvas print of a butterfly. Everyone knows that the butterfly symbolises rebirth and personal development, but to Illuminati members it also represents the process of breaking down a mind completely and then rebuilding and reprogramming it so that it can be called upon to do as the Monarchy says when the time comes. Similarly, the Birdcage which appears in Taylor€™s room in the Back To December video symbolises the literal and metaphorical imprisonment of the Illuminati€™s slaves.
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