13 Things You Should Be Listening To At Reading And Leeds Festivals

reading and leeds festivalI don't think these festival twins need much of an introduction €“ aside from my using their names in the title of this feature already €“ so here they are, very almost upon us. In fact, so almost upon us that by the time this feature goes up I'll likely be on my 6 to 7 hour bus journey to Leeds, to meet friends, crash, and then head earlybird to Leeds festival on Wednesday. It's Tuesday today, I should have written this earlier, but it's been... it's been a weekend.

Anyway, to the point, from time to time I occasionally like to introduce you lovely people to new music with my Things You Should Be Listening To features, and even more occasionally I might dedicate one of those to the theme of a festival. So, that's what you're getting here, as the title suggests, things you should be listening to at Reading and Leeds, but this counts for whether you're going to either or not. If you are, of course, go check them out, but if you're not you're already on the internet reading this, so go and give them a listen.

Given the BBC's pretty extensive coverage of Glastonbury, there's a good chance if you didn't get a ticket you can still check these out live, from the comfort of your mud-free living room. As with previous festival editions, I'm going to do my best to not state the obvious. You don't need me telling you how I'll turn into a swooning little girl when Deftones hit the stage, or Nine Inch Nails live may make your life, or how System Of A Down will take you back to your baggie jeaned and hooded youth, or how Biffy Clyro will churn out anthem upon anthem, or how Eminem will bless these shores with a rare performance and spit his lyrical prowess all over the place, or how you should just avoid Green Day and see Alkaline Trio on the Lock Up stage just because they're the better band, and though your tears for Brand New pulling out can never truly be wiped away, catching EarlWolf in their place is going to something to behold.

I could go on, whether it's the big hitters of the NME/Radio 1, Radio 1 Dance, BBC 1Xtra, Lock Up or Festival Republic stages, you probably already know. So here's a few, in no particular order, you might not know, and should probably give a chance.


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