14 Things Only Trivium Fans Will Understand

We are the fire, resound the anthem!

Easily one of the greatest metal bands of all time, at one point Trivium were seemingly set to overtake the world itself - such was the insane amount of hype they generated off the back of albums Ember to Inferno and Ascendancy. The latter especially took them from Florida to every major festival around the world, and it's a momentum they'd use to remain one of metal's finest household names to this day. Since then they refined their sound and produced some more 'friendlier'-sounding tracks on The Crusade (alongside absolute teeth-shatterers To The Rats and Tread The Floods), before delivering their masterpiece, Shogun, in 2008. Casual fans tend to lean one way or the other when dipping into the clean material versus the more trademark screams and growls, but there's always been a dedicated following for Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto (and at time of writing, temporary drummer Matt Madiro) that embrace every new direction the band takes with open arms. Lately that's lead to the pulse-pounding Silence in the Snow (a thundering track that connotes just enough Iron Maiden alongside their signature sound), and something that shows just how far the band have come since 2000, Matt Heafy especially really coming into his own as an impressive vocalist. So, in celebration of everything the band have achieved and all the fans that have been there along the way, let's take stock of one of the finest metal artists you'll ever lay eyes n' ears on. Let us know the little things make you a Trivium fan in the comments below!

14. "It's Pronounced 'Bowl-Yur'"

Trivium's twin-lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu is quite simply one of the finest string-benders on the planet. From jaw-dropping sweeping patterns to insanely tight runs up and down the neck, Corey's helped to carve Trivum's signature sound alongside the rest of the band - but one thing that many people get even more befuddled by is the pronunciation of his surname. Like the tall person forever being asked just how tall they are, Corey's most likely sick to death of interviewers asking for help on his namesake, but for all us fans? We tracked down Youtube clips or have actually talked to the guy in person to confirm it for ourselves years ago.
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