14 Underrated Albums (And 1 Overrated Record)

This Is Hardcore There are a multitude of reasons why an album can be considered an underrated gem, and they can mainly be divided into a few categories, which, as we will find out, are all bad news for Axl Rose. An act can release a terrific record, and have it immediately absorbed into a large back catalogue without acclaim, loved only by hardcore fans; they can be great as a standalone achievement but unfairly unloved by the fanbase or critics; alternatively, they are unfavourably compared to a career-best effort, or ARE a career-best effort or by an act unheard of by millions. Or, most commonly, one track ruins the flow and feel of the record or it is, as a whole, one or two tracks short of being stonecold greatness. Pete Doherty has been afflicted by the latter category throughout his entire career, from The Libertines, through his intermittent solo work, and pockmarking his Babyshambles catalogue- his latest effort, Sequel To The Prequel is reliabably half-arsed- it's all a bit 'meh'. Here are 14 other efforts which are either ignored, unfairly maligned, under-appreciated or dwarfed by superior efforts. Oh, and one which is considered a stone-cold classic, despite falling into all of the above categories.

14. The Libertines - The Libertines

Tumblr Mqxiwgshce1ranrfho1 500 Docherty has made career out of sketchy, uneven albums- all part of them charm, presumably. The Libertines fit snugly into the lineage of influential guitar-rock bands such as The Strokes and Oasis, without ever having made a record as even as This Is It or Definitely Maybe. It's a frustrating record in that there are almighty peaks, such as Can't Stand Me Now, but the sense of a truly Great Record is audibly seeping through your hands as it meanders to a conclusion. Kids, don't do crack.
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