15 Alternative Christmas Songs That Will Still Make You Feel Festive

Who needs Mariah bloody Carey?

Charlie Brown Merry Christmas
Warner Bros

It's that glorious time of year when everyone is forced to put up with their family because they€™re trapped in a room together for the entire day. Only excessive alcohol and the occasional back-handed comment about an unwanted gift can get you through it. Sadly, the soundtrack to this bickering is usually the same old dirge that€™s regurgitated by whoever's in charge of the music every year. Are you sick of the sound of warble-voiced lunatic Mariah Carey screech her way through All I Want For Christmas?

Do you ache to remove the vocal chords of balloon-faced crooner Michael Buble and his ubiquitous schmoozing of the Christmas market? Perhaps you just fancy a change from the same sickly repetitive poison that€™s poured into your delicate little ears every Christmas? We love you, Noddy Holder, but no. No more! Wizzard, if your wish came true and it was Christmas every day, we€™d all be fat alcoholics ready to bludgeon a family member, and we€™d all be skint causing total economic meltdown.

It€™s just not practical. So with that in mind, it€™s time to change the record. Hopefully the following fifteen tracks will offer a bit of a change to the bog-standard fare that Christmas has been lumbered with. And they€™ll still make you feel as Christmassy as ever.

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