15 Best Foo Fighters Songs

15. I'll Stick Around

B470816b92d2dae82ed8936311529466 The only reason this song is last on the list, other than the fact that that it's my least favorite of the 15, is the sound, which is still undeveloped. These days if you hear a FF song, you know it's FF. They sound like nothing else. This one, however, is very "Nirvana", a little "Soundgarden", and generally how the mid nineteens collectively expressed itself. You can sense the sparks that are going to fly with them, not to mention that Dave himself wrote/played/sang/recorded the entire album by himself, in five days, which is insane. But he's that talented, and that crazy. This song, perhaps because it was only their beginning, is very different from most FF songs also because its target is so damn specific. I'm glad it was about Courtney Love, she was the worst, but I prefer Dave's songs that I'm left to figure it out on my own. He prefers it too, nowadays. Decades of others asking him about Kurt will do that. Somehow, it's still a pretty cool video, which is weird because it is so unabashedly simple and cheesy. It's still fun, and angry.

14. The One

1192179 Foo Fighters Shower Video Another stellar song made so by the accompanying video. Even with a weird black hat, Dave is as hot and funny as ever, never afraid to make an ass of himself, as are his band mates. This is one of my favorites because it hooks you from the first beat, it's quick and anxious, just like I like my Foo songs. Seriously, can it GET any more universal than this song? Has anyone reading this not had "The One"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcejRM5cNn0 Funnily, it's just as short as a teenager's crush or angry spell - ending without ceremony. The whole thing is over and it's so therapeutic - you yelled it out, cursed out the bitch/b**tard that dumped you, and you're on to your next "one".
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