15 Best Foo Fighters Songs

13. Aurora

Foofighters Damn, that beginning riff really grabs you, pulling you into Dave's nostalgic state of mind. It sounds like a lullaby almost, a song long forgotten that had to come out so he could sing about something he loves. I think that before this song, FF wasn't considered much of a delicate, graceful band, but this proved the opposite. It's patient, finding it's way to the point slowly and surely. Dave has this amazing ability to take the heaviest of subjects, and flip it on us with a relatively mid tempo, relaxed sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE8dOSNq7UI It's a big fan favorite, and one of Dave's as well; Dave quote: "'Aurora' is definitely one of my favorite songs that we've ever come up with. Lyrically, it's just kind of a big question mark, but the words sound good and it's a nostalgic look back at Seattle and the life I once had. That song actually questions the meaning of life, probably. It's probably the heaviest thing I've ever written."

12. Breakout

Breakout Foofighters Much like the funny video (have I mentioned yet how bonkers-amazing their videos are?), this song sounds like a teenager, pining for the hottest girl in school. No depth/seriousness here. Not that i'm saying that being dumped in high-school was fun for me, I was devastated, but now looking back, the sound is so youthful and so... dramatic. The sweet guy is driving 15 MPH (with Grohl's real mom making a cameo as the bird flipper), going to a drive-in with a hot chick. Grohl has always been one for acting, though never on a "real" level, but anytime he appears in any such capacity, he nails it. Obviously, my favorite part is when he actually does "break out" and goes berserk. Just like the song, it's a teen angst that is so fun to listen and watch. Dave quote: "When we were recording 'Breakout' the band had to tell me to tone down, because the neighbors were giving dirty looks and threatening to complain that someone was getting murdered. So I nailed it one more time. My throat was gone after that, man. It started off almost as a joke, just a play on the word and taking the piss out of your typical tortured romance love story. It's supposed to seem kinda ridiculous because I can't imagine anyone wanting to break off a relationship just because they have acne, y'know?"
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