15 Best Guitar Solos Of The 2000s

14. Sum 41 - The Bitter End

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYnffcY4tqs "What!? Sum 41? Those whiney-voiced swimming pool-tenders?!" I hear you scream. Although, what I would bellow back, is "Remember the In Too Deep solo?", and I'd assume you be satiated. However they've done better, as is evident through their Metallica-infused 2004 album Chuck, which featured more than a few homages/rip-offs of key song passages and riffs. However I think their heart was in the right place, and when you listen to songs like this, you can tell guitarist Dave Baksh is just having fun playing his coconuts off. When you string together a passage as tight as what ends this solo, producing a tremolo-picked section that is actually much harder than you think should you come to learn it due to its crazy inverted finger-arrangement (you'll see), it excels this song into the realm of pure headbanging fun.
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