15 Best Guitar Solos Of The Decade (So Far)

All your teeth in place? Good, let's begin.

Who doesn't love a good guitar solo? That searingly-fast series of licks that just bursts out the speakers, grabs you round the throat and says "Hey you, you're gonna listen to this!" Some bands do it better than others, and the longer you've been touring or building a reputation (or both) there's more incentive to stick to your guns, barely iterating on any given formula, instead rattling through the same scales and patterns over and over again. Now, depending on your familiarity with certain hard rock and metal artists, that sentence will have made you think of anyone from AC/DC to Zakk Wylde and everyone in between - and although the versions of them exist in 2015 are still well worth checking out, there are plenty newer and more innovative artists bending plenty strings to perfection as well. So with these 'Of The Decade (So Far)' lists, the rules are simple - it's not from 2005 until now, instead 2010 is your start point. So, what are the greatest displays of talent, the sweetest concoctions of high-pitched fretboard-based fury and the all-round sickest guitar solo you could throw in front of anyone and watch their jaw drop?
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