15 Best Rock Songs About Growing Up

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Like all art, the music that is truly great is that which come straight from the artist's heart.

In the world of music, few things are more inspirational to a musician's craft are their own experiences in life. More specifically, their upbringing; where they came from, where they are now, where they're going, and everything in between.

You have those who are still learning about themselves and coming to terms with who they are, those well past that point, who have since aged and long for the careless days of youth, as well as those who don't plan on growing old to begin with.

The point here is that one's perception of their own past, present, and future can be incredibly powerful when they choose to openly express it. And as history tells us, few things accompany such stories, laments, and reflections quite as well as the beautiful noise that is rock and roll.

15. Look Back And Laugh - Minor Threat

A staple of the American punk rock scene in the 1980's, Minor Threat's music was loud and brash, which resonated with the restless youth of the time perfectly. Moreover, their music was incredibly human; the type of stuff most would find relatable in some way or another.

This song in particular deals with the painful issue of loss of friendship. The lyrics detail the contemplation of young man who has fallen out with good friend(s), and attempts to move forward while the pain eats away at him. He goes onto say that while people in this type of situation may see it as a lost cause, we owe it to ourselves to at least make an effort to make things right, and that hopefully one day; we'll be able to take a look back at what happened and simply laugh it off.

The musical composition itself is a little rough around the edges, which is to be expected from the punk genre. However, what this track lacks in crisp neatness, it more than makes up for with its raw, uninhibited emotion. Definitely the kind of song one could listen to blow off a bit of steam.

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