15 Most Charismatic Frontmen Of All Time

Steven Tyler1 To be a great frontman you must possess a commanding presence. As Quentin Crisp rightly put it, charisma is "the ability to influence without logic." People often get confused between what makes a great frontman and what makes a charismatic frontman. Lou Reed, Alex Turner, Ian Curtis, Brandon Flowers and Liam Gallagher are all amazing frontman but to label them 'charismatic' is something totally different. There may be some names you don't agree with, some you're surprised are in there or perhaps you'll end up swearing at your laptop screen because Bruce Dickinson and Randy Blythe weren't listed: this isn't a Metal list by any means. Nor is it a list that favours pure Indie. It's a collection of 15 frontmen from all eras of popular culture, neatly gathered in one place for your entertainment.

15. Brian Molko

Brian Molko The Brian Molko is often overlooked in lists such as this, but ever since Placebo stepped into the limelight with their breakthrough record Nancy Boy, audiences globally have been intrigued by Brian's androgynous outer appearance and rebellious character. It has to be said that he possesses one of the most distinctive voices in alternative rock/goth rock/post-punk/whatever you want to label it, or music in general for that matter. Brian has stated that his notably goth-inspired look of fashioning black nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick is a way of transporting fans into an alternative reality. You'd be right in thinking Molko had a tough time growing up, for if it wasn't for his father at home disapproving of his artistic demeanour it was the relentless bullying he faced at school, which is the reason Placebo's band manifesto is 'by outsiders, for outsiders.' With the 2013 release of Loud Like Love, their seventh studio album, Molko's enigmatic eccentricities beguile audiences even today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IegKcO1q8wA
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