15 Greatest Rock Concept Albums From The Last 15 Years

Genius, the lot of them...

The golden age of the concept album transpired in the 70s, with rock music gaining a foothold on the medium that The Beatles and The Beach Boys helped popularize. So any list of all-time great concept albums would have to include Pink Floyd's The Wall, The Who's Tommy, and Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. But while this era may have provided us with some of the most iconic and enduring rock operas of all time, the torch of the concept album has been fruitfully passed throughout the decades. And though it may surprise a lot of folks, the last 20 years have seen an incredible array of amazing concept albums. Though only a few have received mainstream recognition, there is a whole host of these albums stuffed into the perimeters of rock music. Some of them even rival those all-time greats listed above. Now, just so no one gets all up in arms when their favorite band's record isn't included, this list is only going to examine albums that the band has actually confirmed as concept albums. (Sorry Radiohead fans.) With that disclaimer out of the way, let's rock out with our concepts out.

15. House Of Heroes - Suburba

While not as cohesive or riveting as that "other" concept album about growing up in the suburbs, little-known alternative band House of Heroes' take on middle-class living is at least far more upbeat, using the restrictive setting as a jumping off point for big dreams and future adventures. Prior to this album, House of Heroes had been pigeonholed as a Christian rock band. (Though to be fair, that was largely their own doing.) The previous record, The End Is Not the End, was dubbed a concept album about God remaining by your side through the harshest of times. So not only was it a bit preachy, but the themes were merely implied at best...manufactured at worst. But with Suburba, they stretched their, ahem, "wings" a bit and proved they could write a non-denominational pop-rock song with the best of them. And faith aside, this is an album full of hope for those who dreamed of something better than their cul-de-sac upbringing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhKsGp4SRe8

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