15 Things Only Slipknot Fans Will Understand

15. "Spit It Out" Means JUMPTHEF***UP

Slipknot are notorious for their live shows, which are chaotic affairs involving stage dives from DJ Sid Wilson, fights between members, and enough pyrotechnics to burn the venue to the ground. But undoubtedly the most vicious and awe-inspiring moment in Slipknot's live set occurs during the compulsory performance of the anthemic "Spit It Out" from the 1999 self-titled album. Any Maggot that has seen Slipknot live will have experienced that stunning moment when Corey Taylor demands that his legions of followers crouch down on the ground and remain there until he gives them the signal to JUMPTHEF***UP. The moment occurs after the final verse. A crowd of thousands on their haunches awaiting the command. When it comes the atmosphere is electric, with every fan exploding into the air and moshing until the track's end.

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