18 Things Only Alter Bridge Fans Will Understand

17. "Who?"

Yes, despite having over a 1.3 million Facebook-followers, yearly main stage festival slots and a frontman who is regularly on tour with Slash, many people still don't know Alter by name, or if they do it's through comparisons to Creed (being three-quarters of the band also made up the post-grunge flag-fliers through the 90's and early noughties).

These days though with Creed frontman Scott Stapp doing solo tours and releasing his own material, the brick is firmly in place on the Alter gas pedal, and we couldn't be more happy with the result.

That being said it's still a 'thing' among the thousands of fans that when the inevitable question pops up in any number of social circles regarding who you listen to, or what your tattoo is, for people to remark "Oh Alter Bridge, the Creed guys?"

Well, yes...but no.

16. We'd All Like Some Jazz

When you've managed to birth one of the heaviest riffs of all time in AB III's lead single Isolation, how do you then go about introducing such a thing in a setlist?

Metallica's James Hetfield loves to say "'Tallica gives you HEA-VAY BAYBAY!" before diving into Sad But True, but over in Camp AB we do things a little differently - with some jazz!

Yes, harking back to Myles' days studying the genre and imparting funky-wisdom onto his many students, it means that come the time for a suitably heavy intro he's more than capable of reversing expectations and busting out some ice-cool chords beforehand. This humorous part of the set became a mainstay through the last couple of years of touring and even made it onto the Live at Wembley DVD, cementing the loveable lunacy for every future Alter fan to take in.

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