20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2016

18. Death Angel - The Evil Divide

OK, this will be the last thrash album for a little while, I promise! But at the same time, it has to be acknowledged that Death Angel's The Evil Divide is quite possibly the best thing the classic speed freaks have made in 25 years.

While nothing will ever top 1990's Act III, The Evil Divide comes pretty damn close.

It is easily the most versatile Death Angel album in recent memory; while the previous Relentless Retribution and The Dream Calls for Blood leaned heavily to the "thrash" end of the spectrum, 2016 saw the band take a step back and become (in their own words) more "organic".

As a result, The Evil Divide feels more free, mixing melody and mid-pace on entries like "Lost", with pure-blooded Bay Area thrash on "Hatred United/United Hate" and "Cause for Alarm".


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