20 Greatest Alternative Albums Of 2016

The most essential albums of 2016 that might have passed you by.


The passing of many of music’s icons in 2016 has certainly cast a cloud over the year, with the likes of David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and, just recently, the great Greg Lake all sadly passing away.

But you’d be mistaken for looking past some of the great albums that have been created this year too. And while 2016 has been a turbulent time for many different reasons, music yet again shows why it's such a uniting factor in the world.

From hip-hop to pop, from metal to rock – there’s certainly been no shortage of artistic variety on display. There has also been a great mix of new and old in 2016, showcasing upcoming talent as well as seasoned veterans far more than in recent years.

Our man Brian Wilson already covered some of the best this year had to offer, but here are some alternative choices to end your year with a bang.


Music Journalism graduate and freelance writer from Northern Ireland, who enjoys scouring the music archives for the best sounds from the past and present.