20 Greatest Empowering Break-Up Songs

I know I’m totally biased when I say I’m excited for Valentine’s Day this year, because for the first time…

EB Strider



I know I’m totally biased when I say I’m excited for Valentine’s Day this year, because for the first time in four years I won’t be single. However, I know many of my fellow human beings will be. Worse, a lot of you will recovering from a break up.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any magic so I can’t cure you of your heart ache. What I can do, however, is provide you some tracks to help you on your road to romantic recovery, or at least get through the Valentine’s Day hump. These are not your mama’s “I’m so sad”  break up songs. These are the songs you feel better after listening to them, not worse.

So buckle up, kids, and here we go!


20. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, Green Day


The History: Hands down, this song is in the top three of Green Day’s most popular songs. The song was released in 1997 on the band’s fifth album, Nimrod. It peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart and eleven on the Billboard Top 40. Since then, it’s been used at every other graduation, and probably will be until the end of time.

Why it’s Great: This song has been used at more graduations than I could count, including one of my own, which has universally defined this song for a long time. However, I’d like to think that isn’t the only situation this song can be used and this is why. Not all break ups end up badly and end up in one or both parties wanting to slash the other’s tires. Sometimes, after some time has passed we can mend your relationship with this person to have a friendship. For those people (The rest of us are giving you jealous looks, just so you know.), this is the song for you. The song talks about being at a fork in the road, that it’s unpredictable (much like a break up). However, ultimately whatever road we chose was the right one. There are no hard feelings in this song, just a simple but wonderfully compelling message of “I hope you had the time of your life.” To have nothing but good wishes for your ex is something rare, and a song that shows them off is more rare than that.