20 Greatest Empowering Break-Up Songs

1. I Found A Boy - Adele

The History: Well, there isn't much of a history. The song is one of the tracks on Adele's 21 Album, but never made it as a single.

Why It's Great: Out of all of Adele's singles, €œRolling in the Deep€ would fit this list the best, but this song is better. This is the Adele song you don't know but should. This is the song to show you have survived.

The ultimate sign of moving on is to find someone else, but to find someone that you love even more than your last partner is the best karma you can find, and Adele wrote the perfect song for it. Whatever grip they had on you before and all the begging they do to get you back doesn't matter; you won't €œcrumble to your knees€ because you know you have someone a thousand times better.

The lyrics are powerful on their own, but Adele's phenomenal voice puts this song over the top and brings the lyrics to life.


So, what do you guys think? Is there any song that helped you with a break up? Let us know in the comments below!

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