20 Greatest Hip Hop Groups Of All Time

Pass the mic...

When most people think of hip hop - and rappers in particular - they think of solo artists. After all, the biggest and most controversial question in that specific genre of music is "Who is the best rapper of all time?". However, that's not all the rap game is about. Sometimes it's good to have a little help from your friends. A lot of people like to say 'iron sharpens iron', and in the case of rap music, there couldn't be a truer statement. Some of the best rappers in the world have started out in crews, delivering the goods alongside their rhyming brethren and producing partners. Whether it's on stage or on a record, hip hop fans are known for going back-and-forth on who the best MC in a group is or who has the best verse on a particular song. Everyone has their own opinions and they're more than willing to share them with anyone who is willing to listen. So instead of having to go through the numerous terrible hip hop groups who have defecated on the microphone in the worst possible way (and there's plenty of them out there), we've come up with a list of groups who have come together as MC's and producers and made it work better than anyone else.
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De La Soul
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