20 Problems Only Bassists Will Understand

No, we will not "slappa de bass".

What do you call someone that hangs around with a bunch of musicians? A roadie? A groupie? A fan? Nope. A Bassist. It's an old joke, but one that bass players are still expected to endure despite probably being as musically savvy and creatively talented as the most twinkle-eyed piano player or fret-shredding guitarist. Well, maybe not. But still, it's not like you're a drummer. The world of the bass player is a confusing one. On the one hand they're standing front and centre rubbing shoulders with both the singer and the guitarist, and on the other hand even the most successful ones still probably don't get stopped in the street for anything more than directions. But just because the entire world doesn't appreciate you, doesn't mean they don't appreciate your craft. Over the last few decades the pronounced bassline has gone from being the hallmark of a moustache-laden rude film, to one of the most important musical hooks in a group's arsenal. Kanye, Daft Punk, Muse, Outkast, Tool, Beyonce; performers across the entire musical spectrum all owe their success to whoever writes their basslines. But away from the festival-headlining and world-touring, bass players across the globe share a wealth of little experiences that make it one of the most unique instruments to play. Undervalued, overworked, and the butt of so many musical jokes, read on to find out why being a bassist is so much more awesome than you'd think.
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