20 Punk Rock Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

19. Bad Brains - Bad Brains

Easily one of the most influential bands in the Washington D.C. punk scene during the '80s were the Bad Brains.

Playing a strange, yet great fusion of punk rock and reggae, the band was nothing if not unique. And their debut, eponymous studio album is, to this day, their very best.

On one hand, there's the fast, high-energy, politically-charged, anger-driven tracks that are synonymous with the genre. And on the other, there's the slower, reggae-heavy pieces that are every bit as catchy.

One minute you could be listening to the smooth sounds of Leaving Babylon or Jah Calling, and the next, the thrashing wails of Banned In D.C. or Fearless Vampire Killers. What's more is that this disparity works quite well, due in no small part to the way the album is paced.

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