Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time. Many years ago, there was a Pink Floyd compilation that was released on two discs, a “best of,” if you will. This bothered me for two reasons: 1) Floyd was never a singles artist, so to lump dozens of vastly different songs from unrelated concept albums together in one package was missing the point, and 2) there were many outstanding tracks from their backlog missing, while other, far inferior songs made the cut, such as selections from their last two lesser albums after bassist/singer/songwriter Roger Waters left the band. The collection even included “Jugband Blues,” quite possibly the worst Pink Floyd song of all time, which can partly be attributed to the fact founding member Syd Barrett wrote it when he started completely losing his mind.

So I decided to outdo the powers-that-be who came up with that godforsaken compilation, which shall never be named, and put together my own list of the songs that should have been included. You will notice overlaps in my choices, but I wanted to clarify my love for the hits as well. After all, I had to include, e.g., “Money.” Also, you may note the absence of any songs from Ummagumma, arguably their worst album (though, like most of their records, the album cover is amazing). Half of that album is live anyway, and I wanted to concentrate on their studio work.

Here they are, in chronological order:

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This article was first posted on October 26, 2013