5 Bands That Could Be The New Dillinger Escape Plan

1. Rolo Tomassi

There is a wise old saying that one should not judge a book but its cover. Kung Fu Panda? Sounds like a bad, goofy cash-grab, is actually a great trilogy. Susan Boyle? Looks like a crazy cat lady, has the voice of an angel. Hannah Montana? Is actually Miley Cyrus.

Chalk Rolo Tomassi onto that list. On the face of it, a very by-the-numbers indie band (sorry guys) but in reality, RT equates to plugging a pair of headphones into a tsunami.

Coming out of the apparent musical Bethlehem that is Sheffield, the baby-faced buzzsaw that is the Spence sibling-led group broke through the old school way, releasing demos, EPs, remix albums and even the occasional cassette tape to coincide with their growing live reputation that would eventually lead to the debut Hysterics in 2008.

Blending musical genres and influences from just about everywhere, the likes of At the Drive-In, Converge, TDEP, John Coltrane, grindcore, acid jazz, classical, nintendocore, and prog rock can be heard throughout their discography. Over their four albums, their sound has matured, moulding the glitchy electronics into ambient space rock motifs.

Dillinger made their name with an expansive yet chaotic sound, performed with an unmatched level of intensity live. Rolo Tomassi have the sound, and the live frenzy is teamed with Eva Spence's back-bending gymnastics. If you like getting your teeth kicked in, this is the band for you.

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