5 Best Metal Albums Of August 2018

You Took the Sun When You Left. So put it back, you lunatic!

Prosthetic Records

Let’s be honest with ourselves here: August was abysmally terrible for heavy metal music.

In the last month alone, we lost figureheads like We Came as Romans frontman Kyle Pavone, Jonathan Davis’s wife Deven, Huntress singer Jill Janus, Annihilator’s Randy Rampage and Weedeater drummer Carlos Denogean. Furthermore, ex-Of Mice & Men icon Austin Carlile was admitted in and out of hospital. And then, just to ice the cake of awfulness, the worst album of the year thus far – Sulaco’s The Prize – came out.

So, yeah, things suck pretty hard right now. However, at the same time, that only makes it all the more important to examine the positives of the past four weeks. And, while it may seem hard to believe, there have been many good things in the world of metal in August. What follows are just five of them.

This time around, we have a duology of unbridled hardcore heavy-hitters that provide nothing but the most blackened of experiences and, then, a long-awaited masterpiece from one of grunge’s greatest all-time names, before capping off with a head-first dive into Australia’s burgeoning progressive rock/metal scene with the final two trailblazers that top this stacked list.

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