5 Best Metal Albums Of June 2018

Nine Inch Nails? Ghost? Lizzy Borden? Nah! This month, it was all about the underground.

Napalm Records

After last month found its quality metal being dominated by larger names like Ihsahn and Jonathan Davis, diehard metalheads will be overjoyed to learn that, this time around, WhatCulture’s “5 Best Metal Albums” list is being ruled with the most unforgiving of iron fists by the genre’s underground favourites.

Without any exception, these five following names are all youthful darlings toiling away in the small clubs and bars of the modern metal world. Every band is rooted firmly in the 21st century, with a young skip in their step that has let them easily overtake their veteran elders.

However, simultaneously, these young bucks also couldn’t be more different from each other, with some specialising in stoner rock-infused heaviness straight from the 1970s, while others utilise fascinating cultural histories to perpetuate thrashing narratives against racism and persecution.

The kids are alright, as the old song goes, and this month they definitely proved it unequivocally! So if you’re a loyal fan that loves to see the next generation of music get its just recognition (or if you’re just a hipster), please read on with glee.

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