Music is a diverse product. Divided into various genres, music is any rhythmic beat which makes anyone dance with glee. Music often relates to humans in the most peculiar way, and for every situation, there is a song that completely describes the moment they are in, and a song can refresh a person from their regular routine. One of the most widely listened to genres of music – rap – has always been famous due to the popularity it receives from the teen generation.

Rap has always been refereed as the ‘teen’ genre, due to the attention it receives by the public. Rap is a phenomenal art of music, where singers are usually efficient and can go through long verses in seconds. Many of the most famous singers right now are rappers. Simply put, rapping is an art in itself and it has put many famous stars on the globe. Rapping is considered ‘cool’ by the teenagers, and sometimes, even grown men listen to rap music, since it is one of the best genres currently.

Therefore, the following list names the five best rappers at present. No matter what they might be going through in their personal lives, their professional life hasn’t skipped a beat, as they have been rapping fluently and have been winning awards. Below are the five best rappers in the world currently.

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This article was first posted on June 11, 2013