5 Contemporary Indie Rock Albums That Every Classic Rock Fan Should Own

5. Little Kingdom - Citay

http://youtu.be/FRX4GMDLSb8 This post-psychedelic-pop sophomore record from San Francisco-based band Citay is an absolute treat for guitar lovers, as most of the songs are instrumental, plus they sport gorgeous armadas of guitars that tangle in and out of each other. Lush soundscapes are the order of the day on this album, making it an album that rewards both lazy Sunday background tunes that you can dip in and out of and intense study that allows you to pick out which guitar is doing what. The warm, mellow production carries the songs like a parent carries their sleepy child to bed, while the performances are so sweet it€™s as if that child conked out after a sugar-infused marathon of playfulness. Little Kingdom is definitely the friendliest album on this list, which is just as well, as there are darker things to come€
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