5 Factors That Make The Internet Both Heaven & Hell For Working Musicians

online_piracy Continuing the debate about whether or not the €˜net is a good or evil influence in the music industry might seem like a little like relieving oneself out of doors without first having checked the strength and direction of the breeze. None the less the editors of our growing Music Section at What Culture! recently floated an idea for a couple of articles that asked these questions: Is the internet good or bad for the music industry? What are the five most positive effects of the 'net on the industry and on the flipside, the most negative? From my perspective as a rock star wannabe (and never will be) while the questions are interesting my focus shifts to friends who are actually trying to both 'make it' and make a living as professional musicians. Perhaps I€™ve taken a narrower view than the original intent and in future some worthy contributors may well present opposing arguments from a broader perspective. For my part I want to know this: is the internet is helping my brothers in the trenches put groceries on the table? That€™s where the rubber meets the road for me; and not surprisingly, for them as well. Let us turn now to the question of who "they" are...

Bobby Messano, Blues Guitarist

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzjSNRhsTyA&list=UUjU2LOFq-GZV4gADcNrtZfg&index=1 Let me introduce blues guitarist Bobby Messano - Bobby€™s press kit highlights a long career as a consummate pro who continues to hone his craft and release new music. A veteran of decades in the business, Bobby has been €˜net-savvy€™ since the beginning and been in the unique position of having seen the whole thing evolve. Bobby was elected to the Blues Hall of Fame in December 2012 and does around 150 shows a year from his home base in North Jersey, a stone€™s throw from Manhattan. He's also an 8X 1st round Grammy nominee.

Trevor Cobb, Drums, Throne of Vengeance

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huEaAx_1GgY At the other end of the spectrum, at least generationally and geographically, is Throne of Vengeance (TOV) drummer Trevor Cobb who also has his hand in the band€™s business affairs. TOV is a Canadian metal band that has an EP and a full length CD under its belt with a new release rumoured to be coming soon. They€™re based out of Calgary, Alberta, a western-Canadian city with a strong music scene and community that see its members encouraged and supported across all genres. What, then, are the 5 factors that make the 'net both heaven and hell for Bobby and Trevor? Click "next" to find out...
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Ross Ingall is a 52 year old ordained Canadian baptist minister who has been listening to hard rock and metal quite literally since each was invented. A second career pastor who attended seminary in his 40's, the Rev hosts Too Metal For Church on Metal Nation Radio. Writing both under his own name as well as the psuedonym/nickname Reverend Rock, Ross has been writing music articles on the web since 1999.