5 Lou Reed Collaborations You May Not Have Heard Of

5. Imelda May And Lou Reed - Kentish Town Waltz

Irish 50s throwback singer Imelda May might be more familiar with the likes of Elvis Presley, but Lou reed had heard the track on her 2010 album 'Mayhem' and wanted to record his own version with the rising star. The song is autobiographical of May in her struggle with her husband and their move to London but sounds just as meaningful with the gravelly tones of the Velvet Underground singer

4. Anthony And The Johnsons And Lou Reed 'Fist Full Of Love'

Ghost-like singer Anthony Hegarty (aka 'Anthony And The Johnsons') won the Mercury Prize for his stunning album 'I Am A Bird Now', which featured Hegerty's childhood heroes such as Boy George, Rufus Wainwright and Lou Reed himself. The album achieved gold status in the UK and received brilliant reviews across the board. The song itself is very haunting and reflects the style of both performers.
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