5 Most Beautiful Female Singers In The World Today

4. Taylor Momsen

taylor-momsen-the-pretty-reckless This was probably not the Taylor you were thinking you'd see on this list, and if you are reading this just to see if Ms. Swift is on the list, I will save you some time. She is not. Taylor Momsen is a jack of all trades: she played a main character on the long running teen drama series Gossip Girl and now stands as the lead singer for alternative rock band, The Pretty Reckless. Momsen has a very large pervasive range that can go from low and gruff to high and powerful with little effort, as displayed in the band's song "Makes Me Wanna Die." She can even scream a bit as well like she did in the song "Kill Me." The band is very good, but she is definitely the pretty face in the front. Momsen has bit of a goth look, but at the same time, she pulls it off with grace and sophistication. It truly makes her that much more beautiful.

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