5 Top Tracks From Drake’s Take Care‏

1379154006 Drake Nothing Was The Same Double With the impending release of Drake's third studio album, Nothing Was The Same on September 24th I thought it only polite to pay homage to the five best tracks on his last album, Take Care. This album is the ultimate go-to, when you just cannot decide what to listen to and your iTunes looks too vast to pinpoint your mood at that particular time, Take Care will always be a winner. Drake is without a doubt the Emo of the rap scene each and every song on Take Care will evoke emotion in different ways. He is not afraid to slow it down and let his emotions pour into a track and there is so much love, hate and raw emotion in his music. Of course, he wouldn't be on the rap scene if he didn't conform to the usual 'I made it', 'look at all my money' motif but even these tracks still have a hugely emotional backbone to them. Drake can work if what you are looking for is to wallow in your own heartache, or alternatively you want a good club track to move to. Started from the Bottom is the first release from the new album and if that track is anything to go by it sounds like we will be getting a great deal dirtier and he will be letting loose his raw side. With this, it seems Drake is definitely evolving which is brilliant, I cannot fault his emotional style but do welcome a bit of dirt. We saw some fleeting glimpses of this in Take Care with tracks like Practice and The Ride, there is still some back story and emotion in the lyrics but the words "girl you look good when you back that ass up" pretty just mean exactly what they're saying. So with Take Care having the perfect mix of beats to sink your teeth into and lyrics that will melt your earphones, here are my top five tracks.
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